Product Visualisation

VisualisAR allows potential customers to interact with 3D product models on the web, via social media, in an aspirational scene or via web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR) using their phone camera. By increasing visualisation and engagement, potential customers are taken further down the buying cycle more quickly, ultimately driving increased conversions.

Web AR — The Future of Product Visualisation

We are on the cusp of a new era in advertising and e-Commerce, one that Web AR is defining. With Web AR, brands can place their products in a realistic 3D space, increasing brand awareness, product engagement and online conversions.

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Benefits of VisualisAR


Unlike traditional forms of advertising, product visualisation enables interaction with your products early on in the sales process, enhancing product engagement and ultimately driving enquiry.


Product visualisation is a great way to get your products in front of the right people at the right time. Web-based augmented reality can also help your customers imagine how your product would fit into their lives, which can help to accelerate their decision-making process.

Bring It Home

Have you ever wished you could try out a piece of furniture before committing to it? Or view a pool and paving at home prior to deciding on which pool builder to engage with? With augmented reality and product visualisation, now you can. This innovative technology allows customers to view products in their homes before making a purchase, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit.


In today’s crowded marketplace and particularly online, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your offering. By customising content to fit your brand and customers and offering enhanced product visualisation, you can create a truly unique experience. And because the physical world does not bind web-based augmented reality, the possibilities are endless.


By placing products in virtual environments, businesses can track customer engagement and behaviour. This data can then be used to improve the customer experience, target marketing efforts and even optimise store layouts.

Sell More

By enabling customers to interact and visualise your products from your website, it takes them further down the buying cycle much more quickly than static images or video. As a result, businesses that offer product visualisation through web-based augmented reality platforms can gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

Client Testimonal — Beta Wellness

“ Oasis Spas has been in Australia for more than a decade. Being a global company, we have 'Beta Wellness' as a retail brand in numerous countries to introduce the top-edge spas and swim spas. One of our challenges was finding the right software to display our spa range on our website in the best possible manner for potential customers to visualise them from all angles and interact with them by making choices such as the shell and cabinet colours.

After looking for potential providers in different countries, we came across Viewa and its VisualisAR product. Not only could Viewa create and embed high quality 3d spa models on our website, but their software also goes one step further and enables the customer to virtually place the spa at home using their phone camera and the latest web/AR technology. As it is web based, it was very easy to integrate and allows the customer to further customise the spa whilst looking at it in their home.

Viewa turned around its VisualisAR solution very quickly in time for a tradeshow and have been great to work with. I have no hesitation referring Viewa as a best of breed 3D and AR visualisation tech company.”

VisualisAR In-Situ

Viewa's VisualisAR product allows users to virtually place 3D models of products in the real world using their phone camera e.g. furniture, pools, blinds, paintings etc.

Built on web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR), it does not require the user to download an app, works across all devices and can be seamlessly integrated into a website or launched via a QR code.

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VisualisAR Web

Allow potential customers to interact and engage with your products on your website to drive enquiries and sales.

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VisualisAR Scenes & Virtual Showrooms

Viewa’s VisualisAR product brings the showroom to your customers via your website. It lets your customers interact virtually with your products' pixel-perfect 3D models or renders and explore options such as colours, fabrics, positioning, etc.

  • Improve the online customer experience

  • Accelerate buyer consideration

  • Leverage extremely high-quality 3D models

  • Integrates into websites seamlessly

  • Sell more products and reduce returns

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