Augmented Reality Services

Reach out to customers today with visual content that’s both engaging and informative to make purchasing decisions. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), you can make effective visual content that’s more accessible than ever.

Explore how Augmented Reality Services from Viewa can help increase customer engagement and sales for your business.

Augmented Reality Services

Product Configurators

Do your products come with a range of options and finishes and it is cumbersome taking clients through them? If so, Viewa's product configurators are your answer!

Pool Configurator for Shipping Container Pools

Viewa's product configurators create and update real time 3D models of your products in the different finishes as the customers makes their selections. By allowing them to visualize their choices in real time, it takes them further down he buying cycle more quickly. In addition, the product configurators can also display the pricing implications of each customer decision.

Viewa has a toolkit that has created a range of product configurators and calculators which makes them highly effective and very easy to implement on your website. In addition, our Augmented Reality technology then allows the customer to virtually place the configured product in situ, driving visualization to the next level.

Client Testimonial — Plunge Pools Direct

“ Plunge Pools Direct was seeking solutions to assist with visualization of our plunge pools to increase dwell time on the website and ultimately conversions. In addition, we wanted to be able to provide potential customers a real time quoting system to reduce manual quote times as well as driving support efficiencies.

Plunge Pools Direct engaged Viewa and its VisualizAR product to achieve these goals. Viewa created all the relevant 3D models of our pools as well as their associated options so the user could build their own plunge pool whilst seeing the impact of their changes on a 3D model. Viewa also implemented a real time calculator which would dynamically change as the user added options and then email them and us a quote at the end of the process.

I'd highly recommend Viewa and its VisualizAR product to any business that is seeking to improve how customers visualize and interact with your products.”


ColorAR combines the latest augmented reality (AR) technology with a kids love of coloring and characters to create a truly unique experience.

ColorAR’s augmented reality service works with children physically coloring in a character on a coloring sheet in the colors of their choosing. The child then scans a QR code and hovers the phone camera over the character. The character then comes to life in 3D and augmented reality in the colors chosen by the child.

Benefits of ColorAR

  • Delight children by showing a 3D character coming to life using the colors they used.

  • Engage them and keep them occupied in areas where they need dwell time e.g. restaurant, doctor’s, airport.

  • Create a unique, memorable education experience that captures their attention.

  • Leverages WebAR technology so that no app is required to be downloaded and it is free to use.

  • Screen capture videos can be taken of the child’s creation to share and store it.


Bespoke Augmented Reality Services

Speak to Viewa today about your Augmented Reality ideas!

We understand that product visualization and augmented reality have a wide ranging variety of applications that can differ between products and industries. We have delivered bespoke augmented reality outcomes from Hologram units to augmented reality books to competitions.

Contact Viewa today to discuss your concepts and we can help turn them into reality with broad experience of the best practices in visualization to meet your goals.

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