Explore new ways of engaging your customers with innovative Augmented Reality (AR) services suited to your particular industry. With next-generation Web AR technology, visual content is now more effective and accessible than ever.

View our exciting showcase of AR industries and learn how AR services from Viewa can help your business below:


VisualizAR allows potential customers to interact with 3D models of your furniture online and visualize them in different fabrics, colors and finished in an interactive way. They can then virtually place them in their home with the click of a button to ensure they work well in that space. This drives conversions and reduces returns.


Showcase: Schots

Schots Home Emporium has leveraged Viewa’s 3D modeling services to present products in their e-commerce platform and in VisualizAR to enable their customers to visualize the Schots product range.


Competition for pools and plunge pools is fierce with  many options available to customers. VisualizAR allows people researching to view a pool or spa in 3D, change out tiles or other finishes and then virtually place it in their back garden to visualize it.

This leads them to enquire with your pool company rather than the competition and take them further down the buying cycle as they are now engaged.


Showcase: Wet Edge Plunge Pools

View the video below to see how Wet Edge Plunge Pools have used VisualizAR to increase dwell time on their website and increase enquiries.


VisualizAR sets your spa business apart by enabling customers to explore a 3D model of a spa, personalize its features, and virtually place it in their backyard for a realistic visualization. This immersive experience can increase customer engagement and interest in your company, leading to more inquiries and sales.


Showcase: Oasis Spas

View the video below to see how Oasis Spas have used our professional 3D modeling services in combination with VisualizAR to increase customer enquiries.


Customers typically find it difficult to visualize how things will look in their garden. Will that umbrella fabric suit my table? Will those sun lounges go with my pool? Would a rock waterfall look good on my pool and be fun for the kids.

VisualizAR allows them to answers these questions which means they are more likely to make a purchase.


Showcase: Universal Rocks

See the video below about how Universal Rocks uses VisualizAR so potential customers can visualize a rock waterfall in their garden.


Use Augmented Reality to create an omni-channel experience to fuse in-store and online channels. Create a unique omnichannel experience to engage customers with your product truly.


Showcase: Swarovski

Your exclusive Swarovski horoscope. Discover your Swaroscope and curated styles to suit your zodiac sign.


Augmented reality activations can bring coloring books, events, menus and more to life to create a point of difference. Bring your product or event to vibrant life with innovative and exciting Web AR technology.


Showcase: Fargo and Co.

Watch the drinks come to life and order a cocktail. See the menu at Fargo and Co come to life with our Web AR technology.


Web AR technology is an innovative and diverse communication medium — take learning to the next level. Allow the next generation of students to immerse themselves in your college.


Showcase: Newman College

Discover all That Newman College has to offer students. Watch video tours, visit the website, take a virtual tour and enroll now!


Use augmented reality so customers can virtually place products at home before purchase. Drive leads and conversions with innovative product visualization.

Want to learn more about how you can engage customers and drive sales with Web AR technology from Viewa? We’ve helped deliver over 5000 campaigns for a range of industries and some of the world’s most recognized brands. Get in touch to see how we can help your business today!


Showcase: Warwick

Try Before you Buy With Warwick Homewares and Furnishings. Watch the Viewa Capture3D product and try furnishings in your home before you buy.

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